Blogging Changed How I Read

I began blogging a little over two months ago, but in that short period of time my reading has undergone some changes.  Since starting Hannah and Her Books, I’ve noticed that I’ve been reading more, reading with an analytical eye, and reading diversely, but I’ve also been feeling pressured and stuck.

I read more.

When I started college, my excessive workload forced me to put reading on the back burner.  However, starting this blog has made reading a priority again.  I am always carrying a book, and I make sure to set aside reading time every day, either right after I wake up in the morning, right before I got to bed, or other random times throughout the day such as between classes or during lunch.

I read analytically.

Since I started blogging, I’ve looked deeper into the books I’ve read to really understand what I like and dislike about them.  Reading has become more than just simply absorbing books, but rather taking them apart like a puzzle and examining the pieces and how they work together.

I read diversely.

Blogging has allowed me to discover so many books I never would’ve found without being a part of this online community of bibliophiles.  I’ve stumbled upon so many different novels and authors across a wide variety of genres, and I’ve been picking up books written by POC, like Homegoing and Behold the Dreamers.

I feel pressured.

One of the cons of book blogging is all the pressure that comes along with it.  There is the pressure to read “popular” books, the ones that everyone else is talking about, so that I can stay relevant.  There is the pressure to read new books, even though it means less rereading, which I used to do all the time!  I also feel pressured to read as much as everyone else, even if I don’t have the time; I’m happy if I manage to finish two or three books a month, but others are reading fifteen or twenty.  Lastly, there’s the pressure to write positive (read: dishonest) reviews, because no one likes a Negative Nancy.

I feel stuck.

I feel stuck in the sense that I am always reading books I’ve heard of before.  When I shop for books, either in person or online, I find myself buying books that I recognize, compared to when I was a young girl and I just perused the shelves for a book that looked good.  Not to say there’s anything wrong with that, but I guess I just miss being surprised by a book.

Overall, blogging has been a rewarding experience thus far; it has definitely changed the way I read, perhaps for the better.


27 thoughts on “Blogging Changed How I Read

  1. Brilliant post!!! This is almost exactly how I feel – plus I seem to have absolutely no tolerance anymore for books I don’t like. For some reason, I feel like they feel like the author has personally wasted my time! Not this post though – it’s right on the money!

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  2. I thoroughly enjoy your reviews and find your writing style to be a breath of fresh air (your pictures are amazing too). Insightful post…keep reading (and writing)!

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  3. Your reviews are so spot on! I recently started blogging a well, and it truly has changed my reading for the good. Thank you for this thoughtful post!


  4. I couldn’t agree with you more on all of those points! I’m still working on being more analytical in the way I read and think about a book but I’m getting there! I also feel like blogging has helped me with my writing!

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      1. It’s one of those things that comes with time and experience. I only hope I get there! I’m a neuroscience masters student so I write more scientific papers and sometimes, I find it hard to switch between styles when writing in my blog. That’s why my posts are so chunky and not always aesthetically pleasing

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      2. I can see why that would be difficult! I’m an English major so I’m very accustomed to analyzing and criticizing various types of writing (I guess I have it easier in that sense). However, I think your reviews are very well spoken!

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      3. I appreciate that a lot, coming from you! Please feel free to give me pointers at any time because I love getting feedback and hearing different perspectives! Also let me know if you ever want to do a buddy read!

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  5. I totally agree with your pressure to read new books to stay relevant and not just perusing to find a book! I try to do both when I go to purchase some books. Get some main stream and then see what I can find by looking around!

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  6. I absolutely agree !

    Before blogging, I was on my own and my twitter was pretty lonely. (apart of mom & godmother, I don’t have bookish friends..) while now, I have a bunch of bookish friends where I get recs of books I wouldn’t had before (I picked up under-tainted skies !! a first buy in english for me aswell) and I also have much more going on on my twitter, I don’t feel so alone any more ! ❤ My reviews have moved from " well I just love it !!" to " well, I liked X and Y …made me feel this way.. " But also the pressure of what im gonna post & shit. why am I not reading more like all the other ones ?? Why don't I read X or in X language aswell ?

    But it has been a blast so far and I am so happy to have joined this community and sticked to this blog even after I abandonned it for about week & a half.

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      1. Well, the Maze Runner series continued to surprise me, but I feel like all the secrets are out now that there are all of the movies… I can’t think of anything else – I must admit that I think so many books disappoint, especially in the YA genre. Or maybe I’m just too good at guessing now-a-days.

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