Three Lives & Company, New York, NY

Try to find an image for “cozy bookstore” and it’s likely that Three Lives & Co. is the top result.  “Cozy” may be a nice term for small, which Three Lives certainly is, but it’s also quiet and wonderfully curated, which, together, create a perfect browsing atmosphere.  It may not be the best place to go for the top NYT bestsellers or the latest NPR featured title, but Three Lives offers a wide variety of genres and a number of books you may not have heard of but are definitely worth checking out.

When I visited on a Wednesday morning back in August, I was the only one there, and though it was slightly intimidating, the staff was very welcoming and it was nice to browse in the peace and quiet.  Three Lives is the perfect neighborhood bookstore, quaint and bursting with knowledge, in the most adorable area of the West Village.  It’s not too deep into the village, so it’s still perfectly accessible, but it’s in just the right spot where you’re still among the cobblestone pathways and beautiful, vine-covered brownstones.  Visiting Three Lives is definitely An Experience, one very much worth seeking out if you’re in the mood for quiet, cozy browsing and a unique selection you won’t find anywhere else.

Three Lives & Co.
154 West 10th Street
New York, New York 10014

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