2018 Bookshelf

I read 37 books in 2018.

Little Fires Everywhere, read beside the fireplace to ring in the new year // The Queen of Hearts, read in the sunroom with full view of the winter wonderland outside // Everything Here is Beautiful, read during a lazy afternoon in bed with my cat by my side // Self-Portrait with Boy, read during the last few days of winter break // Call Me Zebra, read while avoiding the responsibilities of a new semester // Freshwater, read in a library carrel to procrastinate on my chemistry homework // Exit West, read in my favorite building on my campus (Park Hall) when I should have been catching up on my Brit Lit readings // Alternate Side, read in the midst of midterms // The Comedown, read between meal-prepping sessions during my Whole30 experiment // The Ensemble, read, fittingly, while trying out my new Riverhead tote // The Female Persuasion, read outside in the backyard with my dog rolling in the grass at my side // Invitation to a Bonfire, read while breaking in the brand new sofa // Number One Chinese Restaurant, read in the sunroom with the windows wide open for that summer breeze // The Great Believers, read between mid-summer organization sessions // The Heart’s Invisible Furies, read in a fever in the campus coffee shop // The Idiot, read on a three-hour road trip to Ontario to see my favorite band, with Tim Hortons in hand // The Mothers, read in the morning sunlight of the dining room table // A Terrible Country, read at the start of my remote internship // The Family Tabor, read sprawled out on the grass in the sun // The Bucket List, read in a sleepless night // The Incendiaries, read between sales at the Glen Park Art Festival // Sweetbitter, read while dreaming of life in New York // We Are Okay, read in the heat of summer while dreaming of snow // Turtles All The Way Down, read in the peace and quiet of my local library // Three Things About Elsie, read in mornings cuddled up in bed // Crudo, read while packing for a week in New York // My Year of Rest and Relaxation, read on the metro and the plane ride home from the city // Pachinko, read on an eight-hour train ride // Tonight I’m Someone Else, read in Battery Park before exploring Liberty Island // The Sellout, read in the break room at work with the start of holiday hours // Norwegian Wood, read as the last of the autumn leaves fell // Conversations with Friends, read in a fever over the course of an afternoon or two // Goodbye, Vitamin, read with the first snowfall // A Ladder to the Sky, read in a day over the long Thanksgiving weekend // New People, read while lounging in bed and ignoring end-of-semester assignments // Asymmetry, read between present-wrapping breaks // Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, read in view of the Christmas tree with cocoa in hand.

I’d say it was a pretty great reading year.



6 thoughts on “2018 Bookshelf

  1. I love how all this information is presented here, especially how you recall the context in which you read each book, whether the time, place, or state of mind. From that, I think I get a sense of how literature is sewn into the fabric of your life, and that’s pretty nifty in its own right. It’s something like a prose poem.

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