Current Reads: May 28, 2019

What’s better than a day of reading on the beach?  Absolutely nothing!

As you can see from my packing list, I brought along quite a selection of books to choose from.  Right now I’m filling my oceanside hours with Tayari Jones’s An American Marriage, which follows a young married couple as the husband is wrongfully incarcerated for a crime he did not commit.  It’s not exactly what I’d describe as a “beach read,” since the content is somewhat heavy, but it’s certainly a very accessible read, which makes turning pages easy peasy despite the throng of boogie boarders slapping into the waves.

I also brought along some of my favorite magazines for a bit of lighter reading: No Man’s Land, a girl-power manifesto put together by the lovely people over at The Wing, and Frankie, a whimsical Australian journal featuring photography, fashion, and arts and crafts content.  I love both for their authentic, homemade feel and the pages of all-female media.

What are you currently reading?


2 thoughts on “Current Reads: May 28, 2019

  1. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on An American Marriage! I had lots of mixed feelings about that one.

    I’m currently reading The Fire Starters by Jan Carson and LOVING IT, it’s set in Belfast against the backdrop of the Troubles but is quite unlike any other ‘Troubles book’ I’ve read. Her writing style is all kinds of brilliant.

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