On My Nightstand: October 23, 2019

My nightstand is always a constant mess of my current reads as well as things I’m loving at the moment.  Right now, I’m working my way through six (!!) different reads, which is likely the most I’ve juggled between at one time.

I recently (finally) got my own library card, which has absolutely revolutionized my nonfiction reading game.  I’ve been sharing a card with the rest of my family for years now, as I’ve always been a frequent library visitor, but having my own card means I can use the Libby app, which has quickly become my new favorite thing!  Libby lets you check out ebooks and audiobooks for free by connecting the app to your library card.  I’ve downloaded it onto both my tablet and my phone, and I’ve been able to read a lot more because of it; by having the app on my phone, I can flip through a book in my spare time instead of scrolling through Instagram.  It’s been a great way for me to read more.

Spooky season is here, which, for me, means one of two things, 1) it’s time to re-watch Hocus Pocus repeatedly, and 2) it’s time to read scary books!  And what’s scarier than climate change?  I’m currently working my way through two environmental reads.  From the library, I’ve checked out WE ARE THE WEATHER by Jonathan Safran Foer, a recent release, and I’m absolutely flying through it.  It’s more of a think-piece than an informational book, but I love everything Foer has to say, and, as a novelist, his work is exceptionally well-writen.  I’m also in the middle of THE SIXTH EXTINCTION by Elizabeth Kolbert, which I picked up a little bit ago during the global climate strikes.  Kolbert’s work is heavier on fact than Foer’s, having won the Pulitzer for nonfiction back in 2015, so it’s a nice treat to switch between the two.

waitingfortomhanksAfter the haze of midterm week subsided, I was left craving a pick-me-up read, and what better genre to turn to than romantic comedy?  Enter Kerry Winfrey’s WAITING FOR TOM HANKS.  The only downside is the 7-day check-out period, but I have a feeling I can read this one in a day or two.  Easy, breezy romance is just what I need right now, and WAITING FOR TOM HANKS sounds like the perfect rom-com, because the main character is also rom-com obsessed!  I just re-watched Nora Ephron’s classic You’ve Got Mail, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, so I’m so in the mood for an Ephron-themed romance.

lostchildrenarchiveAlso on my nightstand is Valeria Luiselli’s LOST CHILDREN ARCHIVE.  I’m especially excited to read this one due to its appearance on the longlists of two of my favorite literary awards, the Women’s Prize and the Booker.  Additionally, I have the pleasure of attending a lecture/signing hosted by Luiselli next month, which has pushed this novel up my to-read list exponentially.  I’ll admit I’m a little intimidated by both the novel’s size and prestige, and I’m feeling the pressure to enjoy it given that I’ll be meeting Luiselli in person, but regardless, I’m working hard to finish it before the event in a few weeks.

quietMy yearlong read has been Susan Cain’s QUIET; I’ve been picking it up here and there since I first bought it last December.  QUIET is one that I could read cover to cover rather quickly, since I’m finding it overwhelmingly intriguing, but I like my current routine of a chapter a month.  Spreading out my experience reading this book has given me the time to truly, genuinely think about Cain’s words, and it’s been rewarding thus far.  As a self-proclaimed introvert, QUIET has been an eye-opening, informative read for me and I’ve so loved spending time dissecting the psychology of introversion and extroversion in our modern society.

theinheritanceoflossLast on the stack is THE INHERITANCE OF LOSS by Kiran Desai, a required read for my world literature class.  When it comes to required reads, very rarely am I interested, but I’ve heard amazing things about this novel, so fingers crossed it’s a good one.  Stick the words “Man Booker Winner” on a book cover, and chances are you’ll pique my interest.  All I’m hoping for out of Desai’s novel is enough material to compose a written assignment!

As usual, I’ve got this week’s New Yorker as well (usually I’m a few behind, so having just one here is a shock and a blessing).  And there we have it: the current state of my nightstand.  It’s a mess, as usual, but I’m in love with the chaos.


  1. Literary Elephant

    This looks like a great list! I hope you like Lost Children Archive, it was one of my favorites from both prize lists this year. I’ve also added Quiet and We Are the Weather to my TBR recently, so am glad to see you’re liking both of those!

    Liked by 1 person

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