Trick Mirror // Jia Tolentino

One of my reading goals for this year is to read more nonfiction, but I hadn’t even thought about doing so until I came across Jia Tolentino’s brand new essay collection.  Tolentino is absolutely incredible; I had heard of her before and even read some of her New Yorker pieces, but I had no idea […]

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The Kiss Quotient // Helen Hoang

A romance novel with depth and decent writing?  Welcome to 2019!  Though I never read romance, I’m currently in a rom-com kick, and The Kiss Quotient grew too buzzed for me to ignore.  As an #OwnVoices story, author Helen Hoang writes herself into Stella Lane, our heroine, a thirty-year-old mathematician whose Asperger’s makes it difficult […]

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The Proposal // Jasmine Guillory

You know that feeling when you watch a bunch of “serious” films in a row, ones with heavy themes and dramatic conflicts, and you just want to watch a light, silly rom-com to cleanse your palate?  The Proposal is that palate-cleanser in book form.  I’ve been reading a lot of no-joke fiction lately, books like […]

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My Brilliant Friend // Elena Ferrante

I can finally say I’ve taken part in Ferrante Fever!  I gulped up My Brilliant Friend, the first of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels quartet, faster than water during the July heat wave.  Ferrante’s work is reminiscent of Jane Austen, with complex family drama, seriously complicated relationships, and too many characters to keep track of, but […]

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