Genres I accept:

  • Literary Fiction
  • General Adult Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Nonfiction: memoirs, essays
  • Contemporary Young Adult

Formats I accept:

  • Physical ARC
  • Finished Hardcover
  • Digital copies/Netgalley
    • .mobi or .epub
    • I prefer a physical copy.

I currently do not accept audiobooks or self-published books due to time constraints.

What the review will look like:

  • If I accept, I guarantee to post a review on my blog.
    • I do not guarantee reviews for books sent to me unsolicited.
  • All reviews will be completely honest and reflect my personal opinion.
  • All reviews will contain:
    • cover photo
    • publisher and publication date
    • summary (from the publisher)
    • my thoughts
    • links to the book’s Goodreads and Amazon pages
  • Reviews will be posted within the month before publication, usually 1-2 weeks before publication date- I will do my best to accommodate special requests.

Beyond reviews:

  • Author interviews: yes, if it’s an author from a genre I accept (see above).  I ask that you send me the author’s most recent work.
  • Blog tours: contact me first!
  • Giveaways: yes, if you supply the books and shipping cost.
  • Guest posts: not currently- I like to keep this blog personal.