2018 Bookshelf

I read 37 books in 2018, 17 of which were debut novels, and 30 written by women. Little Fires Everywhere, read beside the fireplace to ring in the new year // The Queen of Hearts, read in the sunroom with full view of the winter wonderland outside // Everything Here is Beautiful, read during a […]

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Christmas 2018 Book Haul

Unwrapping books is probably the most exciting part about Christmas morning (besides the cinnamon rolls!!).  Every year, I make sure to ask for the books I’m most impatient to read, to make Christmas that much more fun.  This year, I asked for a handful, and I must be on the nice list because Santa brought […]

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Asymmetry // Lisa Halliday

Asymmetry seems to be finding its way onto every year-end best-of list, including The New Yorker as well as The New York Times, among countless others.  With Asymmetry, what begins as a toxic love story transforms into a thematically-layered novel about the imbalances of our lives, from age to privilege, told with a unique structure […]

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Three Lives & Company, New York

Try to find an image for “cozy bookstore” and it’s likely that Three Lives & Co. is the top result.  “Cozy” may be a nice term for small, which Three Lives certainly is, but it’s also quiet and wonderfully curated, which, together, create a perfect browsing atmosphere.  It may not be the best place to […]

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New People // Danzy Senna

Unconventional and ambitious, New People by Danzy Senna is exceptionally written, though I came away from it feeling very underwhelmed.  I love a short book as much as the next reader, and I usually don’t face any issues regarding length, but in this case, New People needed to be longer.  Its plot felt incomplete, its […]

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